NYC- DNR (press)

DNR Magazine – Conde Nast – New York City, United States

DNR Magazine and Menswear Magazine, Condé
Nast’s leading men’s trade magazine, is looking for
3 interns to work with the fashion department for
the Winter Semester. We are looking for someone
who is extremely organized, motivated, and loves
clothing. You will be around clothes all day long so
you must have a strong interest in it. Duties include
checking in samples, returning samples, answering
phones, emails, packing and assisting the fashion
director as well as the assistant fashion editor at
photo shoots. You will be working closely with the
Assistant Fashion Editor and the Fashion Director.
We are a small staff so you will have the
opportunity to work with all our editors and gain
inside knowledge of how the industry works. The
internship will start in January – April.
Our ideal candidates and who we consider first are
the ones who can be here more time. We would love
if you can be here Monday-Friday from 10am –
6pm. However, we do understand that sometimes
students go to school and intern or work at the
same time, but the minimum days you must be
here is 3 days a week from 10-6. This is so you can
gain the most out of the internship. The more days
you are here, the better chances you will go on
more photo shoots.

Internship is unpaid and must be taken for college
credit. If interested please email a resume and
cover letter to

Luis Campuzano”

Fashion Intern xx


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